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    Petition: Give priority to Ealing's Cinema and set a date for completion.

    Petition to the new owners of the Ealing Cinema site: St George.

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    Unfortunately the Ealing Cinema site has been sold to another developer AGAIN. In August 2016 it was announced that the site had been sold by Land Securiites to St George PLC, the developers of the still-unfinished Dickens Yard development.


    Cllr Jon Ball said:

    "Ealing residents demand that a new cinema is built as soon as possible, after this sorry saga of delay after delay.

    "I have concerns about St George taking over the site. I will be seeking assurances that St George will be going ahead immediately to implement the Filmworks development that Land Securities planned."

    Ealing has been without a cinema for almost a decade, and this is the second time the site has changed hands because the developer has decided not to start construction.

    Will you sign our petition to the new developers St George?

    We the undersigned call upon Michael Bryn-Jones, Managing Director of St George PLC to make the construction of the already planned Filmworks scheme a priority, announce a completion date, and provide reassurances that there is still interest from Picturehouse Cinemas to run the venue.


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