Liberal Democrats gain ward forum extension for a year


Last week the Liberal Democrats in Ealing put a budget amendment to ensure that the Ward Forum meetings which Labour planned to scrap, would not be axed. In the build up to the meeting Ealing Labour party reversed its total cut of the ward forums by delaying the moment they will be cut by one year. This gives a chance for residents and Liberal Democrat councillors to continue our campaign to save ward forum meetings.

Liberal Democrats would:

1 - Guarantee that ward forums would continue with budgets forever.

2 - Enable online local referenda like many other countries do to help Ealing Council spend money on projects that people want and need.

3 - Engage more formally with Residents Associations who often are ignored by the Council.

4 - Allow councillors to have the power to decide how a much greater share of the Council’s environmental budgets would be spent on their area with greater involvement from residents and businesses.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: "Ward Forums can be a great focal point and help generate ideas from residents about projects that they want to see funding. When we funded schemes for a youth club in Chiswick and luncheon clubs for the elderly, the reaction was great. Many people were helped with only a small sum of money. If ward forums are stopped in a years’ time then Ealing Council will have admitted that they do not want to communicate with residents. Burying their head in the sand is the last thing a Council should do. Ealing’s Labour party should listen to residents’ concerns and make changes to their service delivery."

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