A local council?

Pitshanger Council?

Fed up with Ealing Council? Do you find it is poor at working with local organisations, lacks timely consultation, and ignores objections?  

You’re not alone. A survey in 2017 undertaken by the local umbrella group “Ealing Matters”, found considerable dissatisfaction with the Council’s engagement with residents. 

A new approach has been suggested to help overcome this: a local Council.

Working in much smaller areas, decentralised local Councils already deal with things such as street cleaning, car parks, community centres and open spaces, funded from existing council budgets.

If extra money is needed to meet local priorities, the local Council can ask the neighbourhood for a small ‘precept’, contributions from donors or grants.  But only with the agreement of the residents.  Difficult decisions, but self-control.  Choices to be made.

How would such a Council be set up? Last year the Central Ealing Neighbourhood Plan was approved by a referendum of residents and business.  As it got support from 92% of those who voted, the Forum can ask for a "community governance review" to examine the basis for a local Council. It’s now looking at how this might work.

If you think this idea is worth considering, get in touch!


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