Are we to have Heathrow Hell over Ealing?


Yes, given yesterday’s [25th June 2018] new where Heathrow was approved. Despite the commitments it will mean many more flights, more noise pollution and a worsening air quality. London suffers enough with bad air quality.

The government have just ignored the tens of thousands of comments from residents across London whose views were mainly against Heathrow. If you were to build an airport in West London you would not site it at Heathrow. It is just in the wrong place so expanding Heathrow cannot be the right approach.

This will of course mean that flight paths will expand to cover more areas of Ealing, Chiswick and Acton, meaning disruption when people have their windows open in Summer time or are out in their gardens or parks.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: “Liberal Democrats are still against expanding Heathrow and are still positive that many London councils will work together with the Mayor of London in a legal challenge against the third runway.”

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