Brexit anger as Tories set to be punished by remain supporting residents


Taking into account the recent EU elections where the Liberal Democrats won London and made very large increases in their vote (27%) in Ealing, the Tories (who only got 7%) could be set to lose all their Councillors on Ealing Council.

Looking across the whole borough the Liberal Democrats would end up with 19 Councillors (a gain of 15), the Labour party lose seven seats but retain control of Ealing Council. The Conservatives lose all eight Councillors and would end up with no councillors.

In the EU elections the total of parties who are totally Remain was about 40% which was higher than those who are totally for Brexit. Although the victory was not by a huge margin it shows that people have considered facts over the past three years and many have switched from Leave to Remain.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: "I will work with anyone who wants to stop Brexit, whether they are someone from other political parties or those who are not a member of a political party. We need to put pressure on all MPs to ensure they stick up with Chiswick and London to stop Brexit from happening."

Gary Malcolm added: There are not too many MPs who would be needed to get a second referendum. If we can get a second referendum then we could hopefully stop Brexit forever!

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