Christopher Wyatt


My name is Christopher, I am the Liberal Democrat candidate for Ealing Broadway.


I am currently a postgraduate law student, but my background is in IT. I have been a Lib Dem for 6 years, and a liberal my entire life. What first drew me into political activism is electoral reform, and it remains one of my main passions. In the meantime, I live in Ealing Broadway, and therefore want to make Ealing as good a place to live as possible, and our council as well run as possible. That is why I am running to be your councillor for Ealing Broadway.


If you have any questions, or want to bring any issues to my attention, please email me at [email protected].


My priorities for Ealing

Protecting our local green spaces

Not only do they provide clean air, but they are also vital for our mental health and well-being. I oppose plans like the Gurnell redevelopment project that threaten our green spaces.


Ensuring everyone feels safe on our streets

The police cannot protect a community if they do not have roots in that community. I oppose Labour's plans to centralise the Metropolitan police and close Ealing Police Station.


Taking Decision making back into your hands

From LTNs, to planning, to electoral reform, Labour and the Conservatives are united in their efforts to take decision making power away from local residents. I will fight for the Liberal Democratic principle of local decisions by local people.





What is your position on the towers?

I oppose both the Manor Road tower and the Perceval House tower. There is a place for residential towers, but they should only be built as part of comprehensive redevelopment projects, where an entire area is redesigned holistically. They should not be built in low rise residential areas, especially over the objections of local residents.



What is your position on the LTNs?

I oppose the LTNs the council has put in place in Ealing. Active travel schemes can work, but the council should immediately remove the current ones and go back to the drawing board with a proper design and consultation process.



Do you live locally?

Yes, I live in White Ledges, just off St Stephen's Road. Please do say hello if you see me around.