Controlled parking - Labour is not listening

A recent Neighbourhood Forum included CPZ (controlled parking zone) on the agenda. Labour councillor Sitarah Anjum announced that CPZ charges were to go up to encourage low-carbon vehicles. The Forum erupted.

This wasn't what everyone expected!

The new councillors had clearly never been briefed on the active CPZ issues in Cleveland. A new CPZ south of Scotch Common had resulted in extra parking pressures in Bellevue Rd and chaos on Scotch Common because of displaced parked cars and lorries.  The full story from March is here.

A petition of local residents was signed by over 400 people. The petition didn't ask for the CPZ to be removed. Simply that a large stretch of (now largely unused) parking on Cleveland Road be opened up for free parking to relieve the pressure on Scotch Common. Cleveland Road is wide, has much less traffic than Scotch Common and has no houses fronting on the stretch in question. The petition was presented to the council and promises were made that the situation would be reviewed.

What has happened since then?


By the end of the Forum, the Labour Councillors were left in no doubt that this was an active issue and that action was expected. We shall see how this develops. Watch this space.

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