Council needs to apologise for its abysmal lack of bin collections over the Christmas period


Although it has been relatively common for bins to be uncollected in Southfield and the rest of Ealing’s streets, this Christmas has seen a huge number of complaints into our post boxes from residents venting their anger at the Council.

There were also lots of green bags spotted containing swept up leaves, but they have been left for many weeks around Acton, Chiswick, Elthorne and Ealing, when the contractor should have removed them much quicker.

We saw that the Council’s own magazine Around Ealing reported different collection days to the Council website which left many residents unsure of when to leave out their bins for collection.

Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Gary Malcolm said: “Liberal Democrats say the Council is again failing residents with dirty streets. Those responsible must apologise. And not hide their heads in the sand! A Liberal Democrat Council would ensure that these simple services were managed effectively so issues were rare.”

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