Council parking fines up 42% in two years


An Ealing Council report showed that Labour-run Ealing Council have been issuing many more fines than two years ago. Many residents have experienced many examples of where they have been fined in error and recieved a refund, often after having to make a formal complaint against the Council.

Last summer residents were not informed by the Council that their parking permit was due to expire, residents also received many parking fines. After residents complained, the Council initially said they could not be refunded despite the failures of the Council's own IT system. Councillor Andrew Steed took up the issue, asking questions and contacting the Chief Executive.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: "Subsequently we found refunds have been made and now it has been confirmed that all those who appealed will have the fines cancelled. The Council now wants to increase fines by £20. Many residents will not trust the Council as they appear to be targetting residents to raise money without improving Council services. The Liberal Democrats say there should be a review of parking charges and how they issue tickets to ensure that people are not given tickets incorrectly."

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