Craig O'Donnell

craig3.jpgAs someone who is truly local to the borough, I have a unique perspective on how the borough has changed over the years. I was born and raised in Ealing, and I currently work within the borough as a hotel manager. Being elected as a Councillor, would give me enormous pride and influence to improve Ealing Common Ward and the borough, a place which I have lived and worked all my life and what I consider one of the best places in London to live. 


My main personal aims if elected in May are as follows; Firstly, actively campaigning to save vital local Health Services from future cuts. Previously I campaigned to save the Solace Centre and Charlton Road Day Centre that cater for highly vulnerable people. Secondly, I would like to work with the Council and local Safer Neighbourhood Team to reduce crime in areas of the ward by improving areas that suffer from poor lighting. Thirdly, helping the homelessness. This is something i’m very passionate about. I have witnessed a rapid increase in homelessness in the borough in recent years, and I would like to help through charities and council policy an ongoing commitment to reducing homelessness on our streets. 

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