Election 2022

London Borough of Ealing Council Elections May 2022

Elections took place on the 5th May 2022 to elect councillors across Ealing to represent us and take decisions on our behalf. The party ran a full set of candidates standing for the 70 councillor positions across 24 new wards.

Our manifesto: Six to Fix

People are fed up with Ealing Labour’s PR machine trying to dictate what we do in Ealing and how we do it. Liberal Democrats, residents and businesses want the Council to get back to what they should be doing - simply providing services effectively and efficiently.

We are dedicated to making Ealing a better, greener, more prosperous place to live – not just for just some parts of the borough but for every neighbourhood and for everyone who lives and works here. We are proud of Ealing and ambitious for its future.

Please read our manifesto entitled Six to Fix.

Election Results

We achieved our aim to become the official opposition party in Ealing. We were successful in getting six fantastic Liberal Democrat candidates elected as Councillors.

We are determined to provide strong opposition and scrutiny to the current administration. In Ealing, only the Liberal Democrats can speak up in the town hall against both the Tories’ planning laws and LTN funding and Labour’s obsession with failed traffic schemes, dirty streets and tall towers.

You can see a full set of results by each ward on the Ealing Council website. Below is a summary of the Ealing Liberal Democrat results. Overall, the total Lib Dem vote share went up from 12.2% in 2018 to 15.7% in 2022. 


Ward Total Votes Vote Share Cllrs
Southfield 7,751 53.2% 3 (no change)
Ealing Common 5,873 40.1% 2 (+1)
Hanger Hill 4,550 34.5% 1 (+1)
Pitshanger 2,595 18.2%  
Walpole 2,675 17.9%  
Ealing Broadway 2,058 17.6%  
North Acton 1,183 12.7%  
North Hanwell 1,411 12.3%  
Hanwell Broadway 1,519 12.0%  
North Greenford 1,463 12.0%  
South Acton 1,337 12.0%  
Northfield 1,867 11.6%  
Central Greenford 1,032 10.4%  
East Acton 843 9.1%  
Northolt West End 805 8.5%  
Lady Margaret 988 8.3%  
Dormers Wells 881 8.3%  
Perivale 1,036 8.1%  
Greenford Broadway 815 7.7%  
Northolt Mandeville 819 6.9%  
Norwood Green 690 6.4%  
Southall Broadway 340 5.8%  
Southall West 159 4.1%  
Southall Green 504 4.0%  



Published and promoted by Roger Davies on behalf of the various Liberal Democrat candidates at 5 Daphne Court, Castlebar Road, London, W5 2DF. 

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