EU citizens must have right to stay in Britain - Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has today demanded that EU nationals residing in the UK are given complete assurances that they will have the right to stay in the UK indefinitely.

The Prime Minister has said that whilst negotiations are ongoing the status of EU nationals in the UK will not change, something repeated by the Home Secretary in her leadership launch yesterday

But the future status of these people is not clear beyond any renegotiation period, leading to uncertainty.

The Liberal Democrats are clear that those EU nationals who are currently resident in the UK should be allowed to live here indefinitely.

The party is has committed to standing in the next election on the platform of securing Britain’s place in the EU.

The Liberal Democrats are also clear that if Brexit were to happen that any model that did not secure membership of the single market would severely damage Britain’s economy and would be entirely inadequate.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

“There is real, and legitimate, upset and worry from European citizens across our country about their long-term status in the UK. Liberal Democrats will not stand by whilst our communities are divided by uncertainty. Regardless of the outcome of any negotiations with Europe around Brexit, EU citizens who have made Britain their home must be allowed to stay.

“To Europeans whose lives are now rooted in the UK my message is simple – the Liberal Democrats stand with you, and will speak for you. To the French family raising their children in Manchester, to the Polish mother working to pay her mortgage in Portsmouth, to the German graduate starting his business venture in Birmingham - the Liberal Democrats value you, we will stand by you and we will champion your future here in Britain.

“There are plenty of decent people who voted for Leave, who do not want to see Europeans who live in the UK in our communities forced to uproot their lives. There must be a cast iron guarantee that their futures can be in the UK, the country they now call home.

“We are the party who recognises that British people are compassionate and open-hearted. I have always been proud that Paddy Ashdown and the Liberal Democrats took the brave stance on the issue of Hong Kong passports – we will do the same today."


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