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    Chiswick Police Station

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    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, previously announced that 37 police stations across the capital would be closing. This sadly included Chiswick Police Station. This has followed a number of reductions in the services offered at Chiswick Police station.

    Liberal Democrats think this is totally unacceptable. Chiswick is a busy area and closing so many police stations will create a barrier between the police and the community they are meant to be serving. Even though ten percent of crimes reported are at the police station some people are not happy to use internet based police services.

    Local police stations create a visible presence. Officers spend more time patrolling the area close to the station as officers come and go for their breaks, at the beginning and end of their shift and when they have to secure their CS spray, a registered firearm arm which has to be locked in a designated place. 

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    ChiswickPoliceStation.jpgGary Malcolm, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Southfield ward, said: "I suspect that the fear of crime will increase if the police reduces it visibility of officers to the public. There are examples elsewhere, when local criminals knew that the police would take longer to respond and took advantage of this."

    We the undersigned call on London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Government to keep Chiswick police station open and fund the service properly; and Ealing and Hounslow Councils to stand up to the Mayor and the Government on this issue.

    We will include your name and address when submitting the petition to the Metropolitan Police.


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    Lib Dems fight Heathrow expansion

    The government, who are in favour of expanding Heathrow, have just launched a consultation where you state whether you think Heathrow should be expanded or not.  The Ealing consultation is on 18th February, Hounslow on the 27th

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