Action needed on Gurnell Grove parking

Cars parked in Gurnell

There is already a problem on the Gurnell estate from overspill car parking from the leisure centre.  People park in Gurnell, which is the other side of the Ruislip Road, rather than pay the very modest Leisure Centre parking fee.

This will get much worse.

The Leisure centre is going to be replaced with a new centre plus a large number of flats. You can be sure that Leisure centre parking will not be free and parking for flats is never enough in new developments.  Gurnell will be flooded with parked cars.

What is the answer?

A Labour councillor has already suggested Controlled parking as the obvious choice. Controlled parking means arranging permits for visitors, annual fees and general inconvenience to park in your own estate. But why should Gurnell residents have to pay for other inconsiderate leisure centre visitors?

gurnell2.jpgThe Lib Dem Focus team suggest that other options should be investigated, such as a barrier to the estate which is controlled by a simple code. Even a barrier with no more than a push-button to enter would be enough to deter most casual parkers.  This would be funded by the Gurnell development.

We have talked to residents of Gurnell Grove and our conclusion is that a majority are in favour of taking some action. One said: "This is going to be a disaster", another "The parking in this area should only be for residents".

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