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Hanger Hill area has been neglected by both the current Tory Councillors as well as the Labour-run Ealing Council, resulting in dirty streets, poor transport links and a lack of feeling of security. Only the Liberal Democrats are listening to residents and will provide them with good local services.

Your Hanger Hill Focus Team

  • Athena Zissimos is originally from Australia and has lived in the UK for over thirty years. She is married to a local "Ealinger" and has lived in Ealing for the past twenty years. She has been in health food retailing since arriving in London. Athena would like to make a difference, to try to get as much as we can out of our local services and challenge the council on planning decisions. "It matters how clean and safe your streets are. It matters that Ealing continues to have a police station and we are more considered about development in the area. These are all issues that I feel strongly about and hope to add my voice too". Athena was elected as Councillor Hanger Hill in May 2022 Council election topping the vote. Athena is also the current Chair of Ealing Liberal Democrats.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/AthenaZissimos

  • Mark Sanders is a lifelong Liberal Democrat supporter, having lived in Ealing Borough for the past 17 years and is married with two children in Ealing schools. Having retired from the asset management industry, Mark is involved with local charities and resident groups. As a school governor, he is very focused on education matters, mental health and wellbeing issues. He has been a keen Crystal Palace fan for over 50 years. Mark is determined to represent the local community and residents, to make sure their voices are heard in the council. He wants to make sure residents feel safer in their homes and on the streets, to improve air quality and to look after the elderly, the young and families. He wants to protect community services from further cost cutting by the council. Mark stood in the May 2022 Council election for Hanger Hill and came within 93 votes of being elected. 

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Markisanders61

  • Jonathan Oxley is a Londoner who has been living in Ealing for more than 25 years. He is committed to making Ealing the best borough in London for everyone in the community. Jonathan has experienced first-hand the problems facing people: excessive development, litter strewn streets and overwhelmed public services. Jonathan is a former Conservative councillor on Ealing Council who served on the council for four years until 2010 when he represented Elthorne ward. He says, “I’m really excited to join the Liberal Democrats team in Ealing. Our communities and country desperately need the decency that characterises the Liberal Democrats. The Conservative Party is no longer the ‘One Nation’ party of which I was once a Councillor”. Jonathan brings a wealth of private and public sector experience to the team. He was a Board Director and interim Chief Executive at Ofcom (the UK's telecoms, postal and media regulator) where he was responsible for competition policy and enforcement. Prior to that, he was a Partner at PwC advising companies in the technology and telecoms sectors. Jonathan stood in the May 2022 Council election for Hanger Hill and came within 112 votes of being elected. 

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As you are probably aware, we are a local party that is run entirely by volunteers and we rely on small donations to fund our campaigns. The Ealing Council election for Hanger Hill in May 2022 was incredibly close between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. We need to be active all year round to keep our Councillor and hopefully add more in due course with your support. You can donate directly to the Hanger Hill Focus Team by clicking on the link.

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