History made in Ealing as Lib Dems top London EU election


History was made in Ealing as the Lib Dems not only made it to second place above the Tories for the first time ever in a boroughwide election, but they knocked them into fifth place!

Liberal Democrats also got over twice the Brexit Party vote as Ealing showed everybody that London does not want to see a Brexit.

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Lib Dem Ealing Leader, said: "In London the Liberal Democrats topped the polls, gaining a record three MEPs. In the election Labour lost seats, and the Conservatives failed to gain any MEPs. London has spoken. Stop Brexit!"

Helen Clark, EU candidate who lives in Chiswick, said: "London has sent a very clear message, stop Brexit. I personally saw first had people coming together to vote Lib Dem from conservative and Labour."

Helen Clark added: "We have new people joining us, one young man who joined me campaigning in Chiswick said he was a labour/green voter in the past, he thinks these euro elections are really important and he wanted to campaign. He thought long and hard who to campaign for and he chose the Liberal Democrats because we were making the biggest impact."

Helen Clark further further added: "This feels like a real watershed moment for the Liberal Democrats in London. Our outstanding local results show we can win big. Our simple, positive and bold message on brexit has brought people to us exasperated with the traditional parties. But most of all our values of tolerance, openess and diversity are shining through. One member I was campaigning with in Bromley, joined us a year ago, a former Tory voter, he said "I decided to stop voting for who I thought could win but instead for something I believe in". I am confident the Liberal Democrat results in these European elections means that he can now do both."

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