How to contact the police


Now that Ealing Police Station has no counter service open, the first step in closing the station altogether, the only police station open to the public in Ealing is in Acton.

If there is an emergency please as always call 999. If you wish to report a crime which is not an emergency please call 101

Although the police would prefer if you reported crimes online...because even the 101 number service is facing cuts. To report a crime online please do this on and follow the instructions. 

Whilst out canvassing many residents have told us about crimes being committed but not reported, as they believe the police to be stretched and that the police will be unable to do anything, anyway.

"It is VITAL that crime is reported.  If crime goes unreported then the police are not able to respond and create strategies and prevention. They are not able to focus on crime waves and are unable to target the criminals that may be hitting certain areas.  Minor crime unreported can lead to more major offences i.e. youth disorder in a certain area, could lead to drug taking which could lead to drug supplying and burglary.  The police need a true picture of crime in order to act and deter.  As we face the reduction of police officers and the closure of Ealing Police Station if our crime figures are less than they should be it will be more difficult to argue the case for our station to stay open, and to argue to keep what officers we have, levels of policing have already diminished significantly" Jo Baldwin-Trott ex police officer, Cleveland Liberal Democrat candidate.

In response to the counter service being closed at Ealing Police Station the local community police officers are committed to having one hour sessions of  'meeting your local police', in different parts of the ward. To find out when these events are, please go to the Met Police website and click on Your area, put in your postcode, and then below Introducing Safer Neighbourhoods Team click on Meeting and events. Of course this assumes that you are all online and connected, which could exclude the most vulnerable in our society.

The community officers must also find a place to hold such events but hopefully, as happened this weekend, community spirited people like John Martin from John Martin Estates on Pitshanger Lane will offer up their  premises.

Between the Tory cuts on police services and Labour's Mayor Sadiq Khan, choosing to take advantage of the fact that Ealing Station's lease is running out, to save money and not find new premises for them...we are losing Ealing Police Station, please sign our petition to try to save it, even if it needs to move.

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