Labour isn't listening

Chaos on Scotch Common

Scotch Common - not listening

A new Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) is causing traffic congestion in Scotch Common. In a Neighbourhood Forum the Labour Councillors denied that the problem exists. Residents who have to deal with the problem on a daily basis were ignored.

Bellevue Road - not listening

Residents of Bellevue Road have parking problems because of a new CPZ. Councillors came up with ridiculous suggestions.
1. A double-yellow line, so no-one could park.
2. Paving over and parking on front gardens. Which are far too small for a car.
3. A CPZ - the Labour default solution.  

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) - not listening

 In 2016 Ealing Labour Council started a rolling plan to introduce 21 new controlled parking zone (CPZ) consultations. Some make sense but others are clearly badly thought out. 

Gurnell Development - not listening

The re-development will create parking pressure on the Gurnell Estate. A number of solutions to discourage overspill parking have been put forward. The residents make it clear to us they don’t want a CPZ, but that is the only option offered by Labour councillors.

Lighting - not listening

You are telling us that you are frightened to walk the streets at night as the lighting has been reduced to save money.

Police station closure - not listening

Only the Liberal Democrats are campaigning against the proposed closure of the Ealing police station.  If you have not signed our petition please do. 

Labour candidates - not interested

Check the Ealing Cleveland Labour Facebook page. It was last updated in January. In the last year we couldn’t find a single post about any of the issues which people are complaining to us about on the doorstep and online:
● The state of the roads - potholes everywhere, and poor cleaning.
● Poorly planned parking, like the Scotch Common issue.
● Loss of playing fields due to the Gurnell development.
● Delay in giving Ealing its Cinema.

Labour has been in power in Ealing for too long. It is time for change and for a balanced council.  Vote Liberal Democrats.

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