Could you be a Lib Dem candidate?

What's the most important issue in your community?  Is it the state of the local park, the need for more activities for young people, improving services for older people, making our communities safer or ensuring protecting our local environment?

Whatever needs changing in your neighbourhood, you could be just the person to change it by becoming a local councillor. No other role gives you a chance to make such a huge difference to quality of life for people in your local area.

Councillors come from all walks of life and are an important link between the people they represent and the way decisions are taken in the Town Hall. The current make up of the Council is 59 Labour, 6 Liberal Democrats and 5 Conservatives.

As Ealing Liberal Democrats, we are keen to recruit candidates who, if elected, can make a difference to their local communities.  The local Party supports a candidate with campaign assistance, publicity, advice and guidance. 

We are keen to welcome people who are:

  • Good communicators
  • Hard working
  • Team players
  • Reliable, calm under pressure
  • Problem solvers
  • Committed to making a difference in your local area

To be a councillor, you must be:

  • British or a citizen of the Commonwealth
  • At least 18 years old
  • Registered to vote in the area or have lived, worked or owned property there for at least 12 months before an election
  • To be a Liberal Democrat Councillor, you must be a Liberal Democrat party member.

You can’t be a councillor if you:

  • Work for the council you want to be a councillor for, or for another local authority in a politically restricted post
  • Are the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order
  • Have been sentenced to prison for three months or more (including suspended sentences) during the 5 years before election day
  • Have been convicted of a corrupt or illegal practice by an election court

Further information:

If you would like to discuss this with a member of our team, please contact [email protected]

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