Lib Dems attack Labour over dirty streets


Your three Southfield Liberal Democrat Councillors visited every street and park in Southfield ward, where 469 problems were identified. The top three issues observed were:

  • Leaves & litter.
  • Trip hazards (pavements and kerbs).
  • Blocked drains.

Since them we have repeated the street audit in other locations across the borough and found a similar poor level of cleanliness by Labour-run Ealing Council.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: “The Liberal Democrats made a pledge in the local elections to conduct an audit of
every street in Southfield. We reported the problems to Ealing Council and expect them to repair trip hazards before people fall and injure themselves. It is a disgrace that so many of our streets are full on leaves and litter meaning drains are blocked which could lead to flooding when there is heavy rainfall.”

Councillor Gary Malcolm added: “We also spotted examples of where people were not trimming their hedges so people with reduced visibility or are blind cannot get around safely.”

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