Lib Dems criticise Labour for not guaranteeing Ealing’s libraries


In a packed meeting with well over hundred residents, Labour-run Ealing Council agreed to have five libraries run by voluntary groups without offering an assurance of what would happen if any of the voluntary groups were not operating in a few years’ time. At the same time many libraries will see reduced hours.

At the meeting Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Gary Malcolm said: “Liberal Democrats think this is totally wrong. We would not close any libraries and would find money to manage them rather than allowing them to be run by an external company. Education and libraries are crucial. How often is it that we say that we need to educate ourselves and then at the same time we reduce the facilities for people of all ages to study and make use of library facilities?”

Sonul Badiani-Hamment, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central & Acton, said: “Liberal Democrats say that Ealing’s libraries are an integral part of our community and provide our children with a safe and nurturing environment within which to learn and prosper. We should be investing in our children’s futures and protecting them with solid foundations grounded in equal access to education unlike Ealing’s Labour party.”

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