Liberal Democrats want edible water pods to be used in Ealing Half Marathon


Ealing Liberal Democrats have said that Ealing Council should ensure that the organisation that is running the Ealing Half marathon on Sunday 29th September use edible water pods rather than single use plastics, to reduce the effect on our environment.

During the 2019 London Marathon, organisers arranged for participants to be handed edible pods made of seaweed extracts as they tackled the gruelling 26.2-mile route. The pouches, made by London-based start-up Skipping Rocks Lab, were made using a thin natural seaweed membrane.

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Liberal Democrat Leader, said: “It is clear that we all need to reduce our use of plastics. This is a way we can do this in Ealing and I have pressed Ealing Council who can influence the organisers to be more environmentally friendly.”

Catherine Günnewicht, Ealing resident and runner, said: “As a runner who enters a number of races, it has been on my mind that the plastic used in giving runners water and energy drinks is totally unsustainable. People often drink one mouthful from a bottle and then discard it three-quarters full. Hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles and cups are discarded at each race. We need a more sustainable way of keeping runners hydrated.”

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