Local resident tells why she is helping to reduce traffic speeds


Vassia Paloumbi commented that she lives on Southfield Road, which has quite a big stretch of the road is straight, and it is easier for drivers to speed. Vassia was really shocked when a year ago a person was killed only a few metres from her flat.

Vassia Paloumbi commented: "Knowing that someone was killed which could have been totally avoidable, made me take part of the speed-checking sessions organised by Southfield's Community Road Watch (CRW) and the Police."

Local resident Vassia Paloumbi said: "I have so far done about 8 of these sessions in Southfield. In two hours you learn a new skill (how to operate the speed gun) and a lot more. I witnessed my neighbours speeding down Southfield road being completely unaware of the speed limit that applies - twenty miles per hour. If I can make few people aware during my sessions then I may be able to save a life and this for me is the main reason I get involved."

Vassia wants more neighbours to join us. Sessions take place during the week and weekend and although it has to be daylight for the sessions to happen you can always find a session that suits. Do email us so we can help arrange a time that suits you.

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