Labour support Conservative government in Heathrow expansion


At a Council meeting recently it appears that Ealing Labour are happy not to stand up for the large number of residents in West London, to try to stop the Conservative government push Heathrow expansion on us all. Instead they are happy to accept a 'gift' from BAA Limited if Heathrow expansion is confirmed.

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Local parks retain their Green Badge status!

Recent inspections of our parks have resulted in both Acton Green and Southfield Recreational Park retaining their Green Flag status. Congratulations to the Parks department for retaining their Green Flag accreditation.

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Weeds growing on crumbling roads


You may have noticed that the state of your roads have been crumbling away with the added bonus of weeds growing in the gullies. The LibDem focus team would like your help in capturing the state of Cleveland’s roads and streets, please email us with the state of your road and if possible pictures so that we can put pressure on the council to take action. Tell has when was the last time you have seen your gullies being weeded/cleaned or your road being repaired.

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Local Councillors work with the Police to reduce traffic speeds


Councillors Gary Malcolm and Andrew Steed worked with members of the community and the police, to survey speeding traffic on Acton Lane. Those caught exceeding the speed limit will be sent letters advising them to drive more safely. If they are caught again they will be fined.

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Lib Dem action gets more streets resurfaced


After your Lib Dem Councillors conducting a number of petitions and meetings with officers, Ealing Council have committed to re-surfacing Larden Road, Gladstone Road and the stretch of Acton Lane (between Beaconsfield Road Antrobus Road)!

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Transport for London letting down the disabled in our area


Transport for London (TfL) announced that Turnham Green and Chiswick Park tube stations are not currently being considered under TfL’s Step Free Access Programme. Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign on this, working with Caroline Pidgeon the Liberal Democrat Greater London Assembly (GLA) Member.

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Ealing Liberal Democrats help re-elect Vince Cable


From the beginning of the campaign in Vince Cables Garage, to the final push on election day, Ealing Liberal Democrat volunteers were working to help Vince Cable get re-elected in Twickenham.  

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Liberal Democrats lead RAF Northolt campaign


RAF Northolt is a military airport and is trying to expand its commercial flights. Liberal Democrats support the Stop Northolt campaign, which is calling for local residents to be consulted on proposals.

Humaira Sanders, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Ealing North, said, “Local residents have a right to be heard. The area in and around the airfield already has high levels of air pollution. By increasing the number of commercial flights, this will be made markedly worse both due to the planes and the increased traffic bringing passengers to and from the area. The Liberal Democrats have a serious plan for cleaning up our air.”

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What the fox? Jon Ball joins Vinny the Fox Cub to pledge support for a cruelty free future


Vinny the Fox Cub was today joined by Jon Ball, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Ealing Acton and Central, and supporters from the League Against Cruel Sports, to launch a Battle Bus tour of Great Britain.

Vinny has three key policies and will be asking election candidates from all parties if they will:

  • Reject any weakening of the ban on hunting
  • Support an increase in the maximum sentence for animal cruelty offences to five years imprisonment
  • Support the creation of a register of convicted animal abusers to ensure that banning orders are enforceable

Jon Ball signed up to the campaign and said, "Theresa May's proposal to end the ban on fox hunting is the latest sign that she is turning the Conservative Party into a copy of UKIP. If elected, I will always vote to ensure that the barbaric practice of hunting remains banned and that illegal hunting and other animal cruelty is punished severely."

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NHS cyber crime: Jon Ball demands inquiry into why the Conservatives cut cyber-security budgets


Jon Ball, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton, has demanded an inquiry into why the Conservatives cut cyber-security support a year ago when it axed a £5.5m deal with Microsoft.

Jon Ball worked professionally in the IT sector and knows that it is crucial to ensure that critical systems and our personal data are kept safe. Liberal Democrats are concerned that the ransomware attack put patients at risk by rendering vital clinical information such as blood tests and x-rays unavailable and even forced some hospitals to delay some operations.

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