Parking - again!

This somewhat incomprehensible notice has been posted at the northern end of Bellevue Rd. For a full sized image click here.  You may remember that Bellevue Rd came to our attention because it was suffering from parking issues because of an ill-thought-out Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in the south. Now it seems they are to be squeezed from the north by the removal of parking spaces in Perivale gardens .

The Perivale Gardens change looks on the face of it pointless. But the addition of as few as 6-8 displaced parked cars will add to the pressure on a road that is often completely full. Residents often have to park elsewhere at night - then rush out in the morning to move them back to avoid CPZ charges.   

There are 18 items listed from Bangor Close to Wood End Lane. Is your road on this list?  The date for objections has passed. Frankly this scrappy notice and its incomprehensible language means we have just noticed it. But that shouldn't stop us sending objections as on the notice and raising it at the next ward forum - if there is to be one

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