Police petition signatures over 700

The petition run by the Liberal democrats has already achieved over 700 signatures. We would like to thank everyone that has signed. If you haven't signed the petition, please do because once we have 1500 we can force a debate in the Council.

The reasons for wanting to save the station are outlined in the petition. The counter service is already closed, but once the police base is closed as well, expect to see fewer police in and around central Ealing and the crime rate to increase. 

The Liberal democrats are the only party campaigning on this issue. Why?

  • The root cause is the Tory cut in funding for central government. They have left councils with no option but to make savings.
  • However the Labour mayor of London has decided to close police stations all around London, and Ealing Labour Council is going along with it.

Liberal Democrats in Wimbledon are starting a judicial review of the whole process led by Paul Kohler. We applaud their efforts and several local members have contributed to the funding of the review via crowdsourcing.  If you can afford to please make a contribution.

Given the need to save money, is this the only option? Clearly not. Many local Councils are combining first responder bases in one building. For example housing the police base in the same building as the fire service. Some even combine police, fire and ambulance in one building. Not only do they make savings but it helps the services work together in the event of an incident.

So please sign our petition. And vote Liberal Democrat on May 3rd.  

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