Ealing Lib Dems attack Labour's plans to scrap ward forums

Ealing Liberal Democrats have spoken out as Ealing Labour has already broken its promise to reinstate ward forums, which have been well attended and liked for a decade. Labour plans for seven Town Committees - like Area Committees in the past - take power and involvement away from community groups.

At Full Council on Tuesday 26th July 2022, Ealing Lib Dems challenged Ealing Labour by saying they had broken a promise to keep ward forums going and that by going down a Town committee route, certain wards would benefit more than others.

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition said: “Liberal Democrats have seen over the past decade that ward forums are loved and have a high attendance. Replacing them with the seven Town committees means that decision making will be taken further away from people. In covid times, residents and businesses wanted to be more involved in their communities. Labour promised to keep ward forums before the election but now that was a blatant lie.”

A commitment to keep ward forums was part of Six-to-Fix, the Ealing Lib Dem manifesto for the 2022 Local Elections.

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