Six to Fix

Ealing Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2022: Six to Fix

The local elections in May 2022 are incredibly important. People are fed up with Ealing Labour’s PR machine trying to dictate what we do in Ealing and how we do it. Liberal Democrats, residents and businesses want the Council to get back to what they should be doing - simply providing services effectively and efficiently.

We are dedicated to making Ealing a better, greener, more prosperous place to live – not just for just some parts of the borough but for every neighbourhood and for everyone who lives and works here. We are proud of Ealing and ambitious for its future.

1. Listen to Ealing

  • Bring back Ward Forums
  • Consult on traffic schemes
  • Engage with residents’ groups
  • Genuine neighbourhood planning
  • Improve planning process
  • Link in with ward Police Panels
  • Support more Tenant groups

2. Better planning system and housing

  • Stand up to Developers
  • Tackle the cladding crisis
  • Take a stand against tall towers
  • Make new buildings net zero carbon
  • Retrofit existing housing stock
  • More affordable / social housing
  • More appropriate housing mix
  • Faster repairs service for tenants
  • Tackle the homelessness crisis
  • Have a Conservation Officer

3. Improve transport and the environment

  • No to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs)
  • Against Heathrow expansion
  • Expand bus network across Ealing
  • Implement School Street schemes
  • Support for cycling and walking
  • Sort out road and pavement repairs
  • Invest in parks and green spaces
  • Back Warren Farm Local Nature Reserve (LNR) status
  • Ambitious climate change plans
  • Improve air quality

4. Clean & Safe Ealing

  • Improve waste collection service
  • Reverse falling trend in recycling
  • Reduce litter and fly-tipping
  • Support community clean-ups
  • Promote Neighbourhood Policing
  • Tackle harassment on our streets
  • Engage widely to tackle gang violence
  • Reverse Labour’s street light dimming

5. Care for people

  • Help with the cost of living crisis
  • Better Early Years offer for under 5s
  • Close the educational gap in schools
  • Better support for vulnerable children
  • New training and skills opportunities
  • Investing in people’s mental health
  • Better local health service offer
  • Invest in social care provision
  • Protect valuable community services
  • Stop cuts to youth services

6. A well-run Council

  • Stop Ealing Council from being the most complained about council in London
  • Review all areas of council spending
  • Cut or reprioritise wasteful spending
  • Keep Council Taxes low
  • Better integration of local services
  • Publish annual Green Plan
  • Council staff health and well-being
  • Promote local employment
  • Support local businesses
  • Help people affected by Covid

For a link to the detailed manifesto document, see here.


Published and promoted by Roger Davies on behalf of the various Liberal Democrat candidates at 5 Daphne Court, Castlebar Road, London, W5 2DF. 

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