Sonul Badiani

Your Liberal Democrat candidate
for Ealing Central and Acton

Sonul is prioritising three main issues 

  • Stop Brexit: Sonul is a European through and through and is fighting for us to remain in the EU. With a masters in European politics she fully understands the benefits of remaining in the European Union. As a passionate campaigner for a further referendum, Sonul looks forward to moving on with implementing the policies that matter to people every day. More here ..
  • Knife Crime: The fight to keep our community safe and free of violence is a primary goal. Sonul has set up a focus group to try and co-ordinate with local police and schools in order to tackle the terrifying rise in knife crime.  More here..
  • Environment: Sonul has dedicated her career to fighting climate change and advocating for better animal protection in UK law. Currently a policy adviser for a global charity fighting for better animal welfare standards, Sonul will take the fight into parliament in her capacity as MP for Ealing Central and Acton and ensure it is at the top of the government’s agenda.

Sonul Badiani is a local Ealing Mum who is confident, clear and driven to take the Liberal Democrats to victory. She was born in North West London and fell in love with Ealing where she’s lived for most of the last decade.

Sonul has the Liberal values of people and their welfare in her heart.  She is a specialist in Human rights and European politics and law and has outstanding qualifications:

  • Studied Law at Cambridge University,
  • History at Kings College London and
  • European Politics at the College of Europe in Bruges.

She now works in the charity sector where she has dedicated her career to the fight against Climate Change and improving Animal Welfare standards across the globe.

Through listening, collaborating and working hard, she will fight for the local community and unite the divisions in the country.

Remain Liberal!

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