Sonul Badiani on knife crime

Sonul Badiani

We all know that in London knife crime is out of control. The homicide rate this year is on course to surpass that of 2018, which had seen the highest level of violent killings in a decade, with over 110 murders before the end of September. In Ealing, we are dealing with tragedies on a weekly basis and in September our community experienced three fatal stabbings in one week. That’s three Ealing families and their extended communities that have been robbed of their loved ones by violent senseless knife crime.


We must react with urgent action to bring our communities together and tackle the root causes behind knife crime. 


Between Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan utterly failing to grasp this emergency and the Conservative party’s short-sighted focus on stop and search and cuts to our police, youth and mental health services, London and Ealing is in crisis. Siobhan Bentita, our Mayoral candidate, and I understand that enough is enough. Siobhan’s “Feel Safe, Be Safe” 5 point plan for London will give every young person a voice, activities and the security of good schooling. 


I’m ready to fight this issue as your future MP, and I’ve already started work on the ground by setting up a working group to have local conversations and embed holisitic solutions in our community to tackle knife crime. With your help, I am critically fighting to stop our local police station from closing. With a Labour Council and Mayor subjecting us to cuts and failing to attack knife crime in Ealing, now is the time to speak up for our community.


Please sign our petition to help save our police stations and fight knife crime.  

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