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In our November newsletter we report about how you can help get items recovered if you suffer a burglary, ask if your road needs resurfacing and ask that you sign a petition to help stop 1.9 million voters from being removed from the electoral register.

Council Confusion over street party charges

In 2014 your Liberal Democrats Councillors successfully persuaded Ealing Council to drop the administration charges for closing a road so that community street parties could take place.

Recently a resident who organised a street party in Mansell Road, Acton was charged £50. Following an investigation prompted by Councillor Gary Malcolm, Ealing Council admitted that it should not have charged the resident.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: "I am glad a refund has been given and that the Council will be updating its website to make it clearer about how to apply for free to hold a street party."

Smartwater - get your free Smartwater!

SmartWater is a liquid that contains a unique forensic code that can be seen and traced using ultraviolet light. It is intended to be applied to valuable items, so that in the event of being stolen, and later retrieved by the police, these valuables can be reunited with their original owners.

Once applied and dried, Smartwater cannot be washed off and is virtually impossible to remove. It lasts for 5-7 years. As Christmas approaches, your list of valuables will certainly increase.

Councillor Andrew Steed said: "You can apply Smartwater on many of your households items such as smartphones, TV sets, computers, notepads, laptops, jewellery, bicycles, cars, golf clubs, cameras."

As part of a Met Police initiative they will provide homes with a free SmartWater kit. To receive your free kit please let us know your name and address and we can pass on your details so you can get a free SmartWater kit.

1.9m people to be deleted from the voting register

Councils have been transferring everyone from the old voting register to a new one, but they haven’t finished the job. The government originally planned to give councils until December 2016 to re-register the missing voters. But over the summer, they changed the cut off period - now in December - this year!

Councillor Gary Busuttil said: "Anyone who hasn’t been transferred to the new register will be deleted in December. This might mean you do not get to vote in future elections such as for the Mayor of London."

Please sign the petition set up by Unlock Democracy to get the government to keep to its original timescale.


Does your road need re-surfacing?
Each year residents from a range of streets in Southfield report a large number potholes aswell as a poor quality of tarmac that is causing problems for cyclists and car drivers. The latest street was Valetta Road in Acton.

It is not easy to persuade Ealing Council to improve some of our streets, but your Liberal Democrats have been successful in getting roads resurfaced for Montgomery Road, Steele RoadHatfield Road and Whellock Road.

Councillor Andrew Steed said: "Do let us know if you think we need to ask the Council to look at your street to see that it can be improved or resurfaced."

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