Uncontrolled Parking Zones


These two pictures were taken a few minutes apart. Kent Avenue is part of a new controlled parking zone (CPZ) and Bellevue road, just the other side of Scotch Common is not. What has gone wrong? 

The CPZ was offered to the area south of Scotch Common and Pitshanger lane and by a close vote it was accepted. And why wouldn't they?  The houses all have off-street parking so the residents don't have to pay anything. It would stop some of the issues they were having with commuters parking and even with the street being used by Heathrow travellers. 

But there is no traffic control reason for the CPZ. The roads involved are generally very wide and there were never any traffic volume issues.

The effect on the streets North of Scotch Common and Pitshanger Lane has been dramatic caused by displacement. It has reached a state where people have avoided taking there cars out because they are afraid of losing their parking place! Because there are no gaps in the parked cars in this very narrow street, traffic jams are common. There has even been a case of an ambulance having to reverse out to the main road to let people drive out so they could get to a patient. 

There is a relentless progression of CPZs across Ealing. The area North of Scotch Common and Bellevue Road will almost certainly have to become a CPZ unless the previous project is reversed in a review. Because it is not working.

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