West Ealing Tower Blocks - Labour isn't listening


Manor rd development

West Ealing station is being rebuilt for Crossrail. Maybe they will get it finished soon, and when it does this area will become a magnet for commuters who will have fast trains to the West End and City. Hence the rush to develop the area.

Across the road from the station, next to the Drayton court, we already have a A2Dominion development. Next to Waitrose on the other side of the railway we the have Luminosity apartment complex. Telereal Trillium are developing an apartment complex on Gordon Road.  None of these existing and planned developments rise above 13 floors. 

However two planned developments are for 25/26 floor tower blocks which is a massive change in scale for the area and will tower over the existing buildings.

  • The Manor road development (picture above) will replace the assortment of poor-quality premises just north of the station on Manor road.  
  • Ealing has a long-term relationship with A2Dominion who are a residential property group with a social purpose, purporting to supporting local communities and have been providing homes in the borough for nearly 70 years, with 3,500 homes in management and more than 700 in development. Even with this wealth of community involvement they are proposing a 25 floor development on the current Majestic Wine / Halfords store site in Hastings Road.

The local community are very concerned with these proposals and actively objecting to them.  But Ealing continue to approve planning applications even when there are strong community objections, Labour Ealing council seems focused only on delivering the Labours Mayors housing target at the expense of local neighbourhoods.  We all agree that more housing is required but Labour council is on focused on numbers not on actual needs, Ealing has a abundance of luxury 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms apartments, while we need to focus on Homes fit for families of all shapes and sizes, places where people can live their whole life, becoming part of a community.

What next? Will the Labour council listen to the residents of the area? Lib Dems fully support better community involvement in planning decisions and urge the Labour council to listen to the concerns of the community. 


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