West Ealing’s Heathrow services


We have received a response to our campaign from TfL to who have said

"Transport for London has no plans to reduce the level of service between West Ealing or Hanwell and Heathrow from that which operates at the moment."

We've turned off signatures for this petition, and contacted everyone who signed it to let them know the good outcome.

We'll be keeping an eye on the developments to ensure that there will be no reduction in services or changes to the proposals.

Thank you to everyone who got behind this campaign!



Cleveland ward Lib Dem candidate Francesco Fruzza at his local station, West Ealing

Whilst we welcome the excellent Crossrail developments that will bring much-needed connections to our borough, concerns are mounting after it has been revealed that West Ealing station will now have fewer direct trains to Heathrow than it does presently, once the full timetable is in place.

West Ealing is home to a significant number of people who work at the airport, as well as travellers who use Heathrow for business and leisure. Although we are not in favour of the expansion of the airport itself, it's not acceptable for us to lose so many vital connections to the existing terminalsv.

Francesco Fruzza, the Ealing Lib Dems spokesperson for Cleveland ward said:

"I think they're making a big mistake; so much of West Ealing's local economy relies on the airport workers and business people who live in the area. It will drive people to move away from the areas around the station. The proposed service pattern needs a re-think if it's to make the most of Crossrail. There's still time for them to make the necessary changes; they haven't even started building the main bit of the new station yet."

The proposals from Crossrail and TfL will reduce the Westbound service to just one train per hour.

Please add your name to Francesco Fruzza's campaign to keep the West Ealing to Heathrow service at the present level of 2 per hour, and reject any reduction in existing services.

This petition will be delivered to TfL, who will be managing the Elizabeth line, and Crossrail. 

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