Save Ealing's police stations

The London Mayor's plan to close Ealing and Southall police stations and our local Safer Neighbourhood Team bases is totally unacceptable.

Ealing is a large busy borough and will become busier with the coming of Crossrail. It is absurd for it to be left with just one police station at one end of the borough in Acton.

Funding for local police services has been cut by both the Government and the Mayor, while people are being put at risk.

The stations promote visible community policing and make reporting crime easier. Closing police stations and safer neighbourhood bases is a false economy. Forcing officers to spend hours commuting between distant police stations and their beat at the beginning and end of their shift, when they take a meal break and whenever they make an arrest, will cost far more than is saved by closing buildings.

We the undersigned call on London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Government to keep Ealing and Southall police stations open and fund the service properly; and Ealing Council to stand up to the Mayor and the Government on this issue.

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