Fight to keep Ealing's police station

Local police stations create a visible presence.  Stations also create a higher presence as officers come and go for their breaks, at the beginning and end of their shift and when they have to secure their CS spray, a registered firearm arm which has to be locked in a designated place. 

Funding for local police services has been cut by both the Government and the Mayor, while people's safety and communities are being put at risk.  The lease for the Ealing Police Station expires in 4 years.

Unbeknown to many residents, we have already lost our counter service at Ealing Police Station. 

Aside from a proposal for a new counter service as part of the new council building when it eventually transpires there are no plans from the current council to ensure a police station is retained in Ealing.

With the population set to increase by 10% over the next 10 years it is ludicrous that Ealing is faced with the possibility of no local station.

Jo Baldwin Trott, Lib Dems candidate for the Cleveland Ward served as an officer for Avon and Somerset Police. 'In the area I policed in Bristol the crime rate significantly increased when the local police station closed. The fear of crime also increased due to the reduced visibility of officers. The local criminals knew that the police would take longer to respond and took advantage of this'.

We the undersigned call on London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Government to keep Ealing and Southall police stations open and fund the service properly; and Ealing Council to stand up to the Mayor and the Government on this issue.

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    Elly Barham Marsh
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    We need more police presence not less
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    Ealing is too big a community not to have a local Police station.
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    Teresa Ross
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    Richard A M Harrop
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    Sign the petition: police stations
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    As a retired Ealing Magistrate it seems remarkably short-sighted to me that the Government should propose cutting back on accessibility to local policing. It advances no one, not the police themselves, not the local community, and is in itself an utterly false economy. East to west, the communities of Acton, Ealing and Southall have distinctive policing applications, a fact that seems to have been quite overlooked, and any cutbacks that effectively dilute police response times are, in my view, damaging to society at large and are in no way in the public interest.
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    With crime increasing it is crazy to shut down the Police station.
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    It is vital to keep Ealing and Southall police stations for the safety of those communities
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    Richard Rooke
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    Unthinkable given the amount of investment in Ealing and related council tax from new flats
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    To have only one Police station, in a borough of over 300,000 people, will only cause more harm than good!
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