Ealing Liberal Democrats become official opposition on Ealing Council


In this May’s local elections, the Ealing Liberal Democrats made gains against the Conservatives to become the official opposition.

Liberal Democrats made gains in Ealing Common and also won a seat in the previously Tory stronghold of Hanger Hill to increase the number of their councillors to six. The Tory losses mean they are now the third party in Ealing.

In the Hanger Hill ward, new councillor Athena Zissimos was elected taking a seat from the Conservatives after a long, hardworking campaign to clean up the area. In Ealing Common, new Lib Dem Councillor Connie Hersch, was elected alongside existing Councillor Jon Ball. In Southfield ward Gary Busuttil, Gary Malcolm and Andrew Steed increased their margin of victory taking half of the vote. With only a few hundred more votes, the Liberal Democrats could have made three additional gains.

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Ealing Liberal Democrats to work with Ealing Citizens to improve services

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Group Leader for Ealing Liberal Democrats speaks at Ealing Citizens Assembly and commits to delivering real improvements in services across the borough including a real living wage, tackling rogue landlords, delivering social housing, training mental health champions and improving the SEN system.

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Ealing Lib Dems set out key environmental policies at Ealing Transition elections hustings

Councillor Andrew Steed speaks at the Ealing Transition election debate to set out Ealing Liberal Democrat's commitments on climate change and other environmental policies.

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Liberal Democrat President visits Hanger Hill as data is pointing to Liberal Democrat gains


Over Easter Mark Pack, President of the Liberal Democrats, visited Hanger Hill ward which has seen a flurry of activity over the past few months. The Liberal Democrat team led by Athena Zissimos, Jonathan Oxley and Mark Sanders have seen a big increase in support since the by-election that took place in 2021.

Mark Pack, President of the Liberal Democrats, said: "During the visit I saw that there appears to be some momentum building up here. From speaking to residents in Hanger Hill, there has been a shift of people who used to vote Conservative now pledging to support the local Liberal Democrats. People were annoyed that Boris Johnson has lied and expressed a wish to have a fresh start so that Hanger Hill can be made clean and safe."

Ealing Liberal Democrats select Walpole local election candidates

Ealing Liberal Democrats have selected three local residents to contest the Walpole ward in the elections to the Council which take place on the 5th May 2022. They are (left-to-right) Jon Ward, Matthew Mellor and Mark Andrews.

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Ealing Liberal Democrat candidates for 2022 local elections

Ealing Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce a full set of candidates standing for the 70 councillor positions across 24 new wards. The elections to Ealing Council take place on the 5th May 2022.

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Ealing Liberal Democrats launch 2022 manifesto

Ealing Liberal Democrats have launched our manifesto for the May 2022 elections to Ealing Council. Entitled Six-to-Fix, it sets out an exciting vision for Ealing and improving council services across the borough.

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Caroline Pidgeon AM visits Hanger Hill

On 18th March 2022, Caroline Pidgeon joined candidate Athena Zizzimos, Lib Dem Leader Cllr Gary Malcolm and others in Hanger Hill to see first hand the transport issues that need fixing.

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Liberal Democrats select Ealing Common candidates for local elections

Ealing Lib Dem members have selected current Councillor Jon Ball as well as Benedict Cross and Connie Hersch as their Ealing Common candidates for the local elections taking place this May.

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Ealing Lib Dem street light petition passes 500 signatures

Ealing Lib Dem petition calling on Labour-run Ealing Council to reverse its policy of dimming street lights at night has passed 500 signatures just a few days after it was launched.

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