Lib Dems get Gunnersbury Triangle classed as an Asset of Community Value


Councillor Gary Malcolm has received written confirmation on 2nd March that his application for Gunnersbury Triangle classed as an Asset of Community Value by both Ealing and Hounslow councils (who each own sections of the land).

The application means if either Council wishes to sell the land or buildings then the community has the first refusal option to take over the asset.

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Heathrow Consultation - make sure you have your say


Although we have seen many Heathrow consultations, another one has appeared, which you should complete. And it closes in early March! The consultation relates to changes to the use of the existing runways after 2022, until the 3rd runway is available and also the probable areas where aircraft with fly over London.

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Liberal Democrat Ward Forum helps solve rubbish problem


For many years the alley named as Mulberry Tree Mews, off Clovelly and Southfield Roads, was often blocked with rubbish or parked vehicles. This meant that residents were unfortunately unable to access their gardens through the alleyway.

Having met the three local Southfield Liberal Democrat Councillors at a Southfield Ward Forum meeting, resident Vassia Paloumbi asked for help to sort the problem out. Councillor Andrew Steed visited the site with Vassia to see the problem and discussed possible solutions. The Ward Forum funded this initiative and after a consultation for double yellow lines to be painted along the alley way, it was given the go ahead.

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Lib Dems shocked as Council allows development to surround Gunnersbury Triangle


At an Ealing Council Planning Committee meeting on 16th January, the Labour Councillors voted to allow a five story building on the land overlooking the Gunnersbury Triangle Nature Reserve, on Bollo Lane, Chiswick. Council documents showed that there is likely to be harm to flora and fauna including bats and reptiles.

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Ealing has the third highest number of unhygenic restaurants and takeaways in London


An article in the Evening Standard revealed that Ealing is the the third worst borough in London for having the most unhygienic outlets to eat out. There were a total of 228 restaurants and takeaways, 11% of the total number of outlets in Ealing that were rated zero or one star for hygiene.

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A CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) disaster waiting to happen

Thoughtless planning of CPZs (Controlled parking Zones) in Ealing is becoming a habit. An earlier decision to install a CPZ near Scotch Common is already causing chaos. Now the Labour Council is planning another badly thought-out CPZ.

If you live in the area of Poets Corner this concerns you. 


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Lib Dems double vote in Dormers Wells by-election


Liberal Democrat candidate Nigel Bakhai doubled the vote in the Dormers Wells by-election, held on 8th November after the death of Councillor Bagha recently.

There was also a swing in the vote FROM Labour TO the Liberal Democrats, indicating some dissatisfaction with the Council. The turnout fell from the local elections in May, also showing a fall in satisfaction with the Labour-run Council.

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Local resident tells why she is helping to reduce traffic speeds


Vassia Paloumbi commented that she lives on Southfield Road, which has quite a big stretch of the road is straight, and it is easier for drivers to speed. Vassia was really shocked when a year ago a person was killed only a few metres from her flat.

Vassia Paloumbi commented: "Knowing that someone was killed which could have been totally avoidable, made me take part of the speed-checking sessions organised by Southfield's Community Road Watch (CRW) and the Police."

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Acton Lane wall - Action at last!


Action to fix a long running issue of the wall jutting out on Acton Lane has taken place. Many residents raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians, particularly children, and the close running traffic near the bridge.

After much negotiation and hard work, your Liberal Democrat Councillors, along with help from residents (Duncan Campbell, Stephen Koltai, Tej Chauhan and Peter Rodgers) and Council officers, the removal of this wall began back in May and is due to be complete in early August.

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Lib Dems attack Labour over dirty streets


Your three Southfield Liberal Democrat Councillors visited every street and park in Southfield ward, where 469 problems were identified. The top three issues observed were:

  • Leaves & litter.
  • Trip hazards (pavements and kerbs).
  • Blocked drains.

Since them we have repeated the street audit in other locations across the borough and found a similar poor level of cleanliness by Labour-run Ealing Council.

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