New rules to help reduce unsafe dog walker behaviour


Details of a new Professional Dog Walkers licencing scheme have been announced. This was prompted after residents commonly saw dog walkers with ten or more dogs across Southfield Rec. After the complaints, where some residents felt threatened by the large number of dogs, not always being kept under control, your Liberal Democrat councillors suggested that a licencing scheme should be introduced.

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Council Tax to rise - but no answer to the £30 million black hole


Ealing council's tax bill will rise this April after the Council passed on the 2% social care levy to residents.

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Acton Lane Wall: Good news for parents and children

There has been a long running campaign by parents and Councillors in Southfield, regarding the wall that juts out adjacent to the railway bridge on Acton Lane, near Woolsey's Cycle shop.

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Lib Dems fight Heathrow expansion

The government, who are in favour of expanding Heathrow, have just launched a consultation where you state whether you think Heathrow should be expanded or not.  The Ealing consultation is on 18th February, Hounslow on the 27th

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Sarah Olney wins Richmond Park by-election

Speaking at the count following her shock victory in the Richmond Park by-election, newly elected MP Sarah Olney said: 

"Let me start by thanking the other candidates for a hard-fought campaign – and to Zac Goldsmith in particular, I wish you well and assure you that I will continue your fight against the expansion of Heathrow.

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Lib Dems slam Ealing Council's reduction in sweeping

Ealing Council Officers have confirmed that a revised street cleaning regime will result in most streets having to wait six weeks for a deep clean. 

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Lib Dems vow to fight for Ealing cinema following post-Brexit Land Securities sale

Lib Dems vow to fight for completion of Ealing cinema following the news that Land Securities has sold the site to another developer.

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Lib Dems present 420 reasons why Labour should give up running Ealing Council

This weekend the three Liberal Democrat Councillors visited every street and park in Southfield ward, where

420 problems were identified.

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Tim Farron responds to the Chilcot Report

“Far from being Bush’s passenger, Blair was his co-pilot in taking this catastrophic decision which has destabilised Iraq, provided the hotbed for Daesh and tarnished Britain’s reputation around the word.“

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EU citizens must have right to stay in Britain - Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has today demanded that EU nationals residing in the UK are given complete assurances that they will have the right to stay in the UK indefinitely.

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