Athena on the election

athena.jpgThe Greek part of me is proud to have brought democracy to the world, the Aussie part  of me always votes and appreciates that I should, and the British part of me is proud and happy that women fought the battle and won the right to vote for some women hundred years ago.


Have you registered to vote? Have you applied for a postal vote? Please do not forget all you EU voters out there, you can vote for the last time this coming local elections on the 3rd May. Make your vote count.


Athena Zissimos

Southfield Liberal Democrats launch election priorities


Following our recent residents’ survey, the Southfield Liberal Democrat Councillors have launched our three pledges for the local elections which take place on 3rd May 2018.

Photo credit: Jon Perry


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What’s orange; British, European and Australian and has a ratio of 2 females to 1 male?


What’s orange; British, European and Australian and has a ratio of 2 females to 1 male?

The newly elected Liberal Democrat team of Cleveland Ward, Ealing.

The new candidates on the team are Greek-Australian Athena Zissimos who has lived in the borough for 15 years and Jo Baldwin Trott, born in Bristol. They have joined resident of Ealing for 60 years, Francesco Fruzza who is second generation British born Italian and who has lived in the Cleveland Ward for 25 years.

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Retired Councillor Harvey Rose Wins Award from Ealing Council


Harvey Rose, who was a Liberal Democrat Councillor for Southfield ward for twenty years, has been honoured by Ealing Council, for his hard work for charities and representing residents over the past two decades.

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Southfield Ward Forum - how we spend YOUR money


Ward Forums in the borough have an annual budget to spend. Many suggestions come from residents.

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Creating a 'Winter Wonderland' at Acton Green Common Playground


We consulted with residents about a proposal to light the playground located in Acton Green Common so that children can play even when it goes dark in Wintertime.

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Scouts Honour Liberal Democrats


In 2017 your Liberal Democrat Councillors provided much needed funding to help refurbish the frequently used Scouts Hut, located on Rugby Road.

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Liberal Democrats celebrate Labour u-turn to give back benefits to the vulnerable


After two years’ of campaigning the Ealing Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Gary Malcolm was happy that Labour-run Ealing Council reversed a decision (made two years’ ago) to remove nearly 10% of benefits which many vulnerable residents needed.

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Lib Dems pledge action not words after cyclist Claudia Manera dies in West Ealing collision


Ealing Liberal Democrat Leader, Councillor Gary Malcolm, attended a rally which started outside the Town Hall and ended at Dean Gardens, stopping in the centre of the Northfields Avenue - Uxbridge Road junction where cyclist Claudia Manera died recently following a collision with a lorry.

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NHS cyber-attack on Ealing Hospital was avoidable


A recent report said that NHS cyber-attacks on Ealing Hospital was avoidable.


Councillor Gary Malcolm said: "Advanced warnings were given to all hospitals many months before the attacks took place and it is very sad that the government did not fund IT investment to ensure that hospital services were not affected."

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