Liberal Democrats and residents say NO to shared CPZ parking bays in Southfield


Ealing Council wants to introduce shared parking bays in about 40 areas of Southfield. This will allow large numbers of commuters to park within the Controlled Parking Zones where many residents already find it a struggle to park. There was no consultation!

Since the plans were announced over 200 people have written to Ealing Council’s Transport team to complain.

The payment by commuters will only be £4.50. This is likely to encourage huge numbers of drivers from outside London to park cheaply in Southfield and then get to work using the tube network.

Of the 200 or so emails that residents have written to Ealing Council only 2 are in favour of the scheme!

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Paul Kohler's case to start in June

Save our police station

On 25 January, Wimbledon resident Paul Kohler, formally launched a legal challenge to the London Mayor’s plans to close 37 police stations across the capital.

The legal challenge is seeking permission to take the decision to close more than half of the current police stations in London to Judicial Review. Lawyers acting on half of Mr Kohler have argued that the public consultation and consequent decision were legally flawed and unlawful.


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Lib Dem councillors re-elected in Ealing

Ealing residents have re-elected Councillors Jon Ball, Gary Malcolm, Gary Busuttil and Andrew Steed in the 2018 local elections.

Southfield ward has remained fully controlled by three Liberal Democrat councillors, as it has been since 2010, whilst Cllr Ball kept his seat that he has had since 2002 in Ealing Common ward.

Ealing's Liberal Democrat candidates received a massive 35,228 overall across all 23 wards - just over a 228% increase in vote share from the 2014 local election results. This is a clear message from Ealing's residents that they believe in our shared values of openness, tolerance and unity, and an endorsement of our electoral manifesto.



What one resident said about Andrew Steed!


A resident of Rothschild Road said: “Councillor Andrew Streed and his colleagues get things done...they are the only ones I see actively doing things to make the lives of constituents better, safer and cleaner.”

In the May local elections vote Liberal Democrat to elect hard working Councillors.

£30 million Tory Cuts Bombshell


In a recent public meeting, Ealing Conservative Finance spokesperson said that his party would have made £30
million of additional cuts to the Council budget.

Councillor Andrew Steed said: "We all know the Conservative government has made massive cuts to Council funding and
Liberal Democrats say that more cuts will leave us with a less safe and dirtier Chiswick and Acton."

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Gurnell development


While Ealing labour council is allowing the development of the 15 storey apartment block for the leisure centre they do not seem to be taking any active measures to support the local infrastructure.

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Is there a CPZ in your future?


At a recent Cleveland area meeting a labour councillor suggested that all Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) projects are initiated by the residents.  In fact, in 2016 Ealing Labour Council started a rolling plan to introduce 21 new controlled parking zone (CPZ) consultations. 

Are you next? 

  • Will you have to pay to park outside your own house?
  • Will a CPZ in a neighbouring area make it impossible to park in your own street?
  • Will displaced cars from a nearby area cause obstruction in a busy road?
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European Lawyer leaves the Tories to join the Lib Dems

In light of Brexit, European lawyer Steven Tupper has left the Conservative Party and joined the Ealing Liberal Democrats. Steven explains why he has jumped ship and is firmly behind our policies.  Watch the interview here.


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Contradic-Tory Development In Ealing

Tory councillors object to high-rise developments stating, 'A Conservative Coucil, (will) promise to stop massive overdevelopment, and there will be absolutely no more ugly tower blocks (in Ealing).  

The Conservative Government states 'we are giving more freedom to local authorities to build homes that 'maximise density... (and) more flexibility will be given to extend upwards'.  

Will the local Tory councillors support their own party or the residents of Ealing?

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Traffic chaos caused by the Council

Where have all the parked cars gone?

In a recent noisy Cleveland Ward Forum the residents of Bellevue Road brought up the subject of the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) which had recently been set up in the Kent Gardens area. The resulting displacement of parked cars is causing chaos in Bellevue Road and obstruction in Scotch Common. 

The Labour councillors were unsympathetic. At one point someone asked "Do we have to have a bad accident before you take this seriously." 

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