• Cleaner & Safer Walpole

  • Improve Public Transport

  • Protect our local health services

We are fielding three outstanding candidates:

Humaira Sanders 

Humaira Sanders has lived in Ealing for over 16 years, and prior to that grew up in Acton.  She has seen many changes in the Borough.  Humaira believes that Ealing can be a much better place to live and work in.  Humaira worked for over 11 years in the City, and has volunteered for a number of community groups.  She was Chair of Ealing NCT for four years, and was a member of the Liberal Democrat Working Policy Group for Immigration, Asylum and Identity.  She is currently a member of the Liberal Democrat Working Policy Group for the 21st Century Economy.  Humaira graduated from the London School of Economics.

Jonathan Ward

Jonathan Ward has been a Walpole resident for many years and became a council candidate in 2014, first standing in Greenford Green ward but now standing in his own. He's the owner of the Castle Inn pub on St Mary's Road, so knows a thing or two about local business. He's especially passionate about fighting for a more open Ealing.

Inge Veecock

Inge Veecock is a veteran candidate for the Lib Dems, having stood twice in Southall Broadway both in 2010 and 2014 but now standing in Walpole, much closer to where she lives. Consequentially, she's got the experience to serve Walpole residents effectively and with a sense of pride in doing so.

Humaira said: "I am proud to be standing for election in Walpole ward.  Ealing Liberal Democrats are relentless in their pursuit for positive change across the Borough.  In order to achieve that, we need more elected Councillors.  This is the moment that the electorate can decide if they will give Ealing Liberal Democrats a chance to prove that they can be the positive change.  Life can be much better in Ealing, and our vision is set out in our manifesto."

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Published and promoted by Roger Davies on behalf of Humaira Sanders, Jonathan Ward and Inge Veecock (Liberal Democrats), all at 193, Argyle Road, London W13 0AU.


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